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Attracting financing from International Financial Institutions (IFI)

ASER Capital is a financial advisor on the Belarusian market for attracting investments from international financial organizations (IFO). IFO investments in the corporate sector can be done in the form of both debt financing and participation in the equity capital of companies.

The EBRD and the IFC hold the most significant positions in the Belarusian market among IFOs. The loan portfolio of private businesses in Belarus of these IFOs is growing every year. Also, there are currently representative offices of other international financial organizations in Belarus that are focused on investments in private business and infrastructure projects. ASER Capital has experience in raising capital from such organizations as EBRD, NEFCO, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Eurasian Development Bank, etc.

To attract capital a company should prepare a financial model, investment documentation, and perform several formalized procedures. ASER Capital offers you its comprehensive services to attract financing from international financial institutions in Belarus. Considering our experience and competence, applying for service to our company, your way of raising funds will be faster and more effective.

ASER Capital's range of services for capital raising from IFIs:

consulting on existing lending programs of IFIs, as well as on choosing the appropriate lending program specifically for your company
structuring a credit transaction (working out of financing conditions and parameters, selection of collateral forms, etc.)
preparation of investment documents package (financial model, business plan, investment memorandum, etc.) for obtaining a loan (the content of the package may differ depending on both the specifics of the requested loan and the IFI)
consulting support in attracting financing, support of a loan transaction, representing a client in a financing organization