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Attracting PE & VC financing

Almost any company sooner or later faces the need to attract external financing. Investment boutique ASER Capital will be happy to become your financial advisor if you need to attract PE or VC financing and provide comprehensive support for a capital raising transaction: the creation of the necessary documentation (financial model, business plan, investment memorandum, teaser, etc.), search interested investors and funds, building communication with interested parties, consulting support in structuring a deal, etc.

Our team has a huge local and international expertise in interaction with investment and venture capital funds, as well as extensive experience in implementing such transactions in the Belarusian market with various categories of investors.

Strategic investors. Investors that are interested in business management, sales markets, production processes - in everything that strengthens their strategic position. Such an investor can be a Belarusian company or an international company interested in expansion into the Belarusian market.
Financial investors. Investors focused on finding companies with potential for business value growth. A financial investor does not directly participate in the company management in which he has invested but makes certain requirements for the business: transparency, development strategy (business plan), the possibility of his own exit from the project.
Private equity funds. Our company can be useful in raising capital from private equity funds operating in Belarus (Zubr Capital, EBRD, etc.) and foreign funds that consider Belarus as one of their target markets.
Venture investments. ASER Capital has vast experience in attracting venture capital investments in Belarus. Since 2017, we have been cooperating with the RBF Ventures fund (AgroDronGroup, RocketData, APIBank, etc. were financed with our participation). Our company has built good relationships with almost all venture capital funds in Belarus, business angels (AngelsBand, ICLUB), and there are more than 3000 funds for investments at various stages in our international database.