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Investment Due Diligence

Investment Due Diligence conducted by ASER Capital provides an objective and comprehensive valuation of an investment asset with disclosure of a risk map and their impact on the valuation of the asset’s value, profitability, and legality of the proposed transaction or investment project.

In most cases, a business is faced with Due Diligence in case of mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, ASER Capital has experience in assessing leasing and rental portfolios, start-up business models, intellectual property, and a securities portfolio.

Various specialists are involved in conducting Due Diligence: financial analysts, auditors, appraisers, experts. ASER Capital acts as the general contractor for comprehensive analysis and coordinates all accredited specialists.

Comprehensive Due Diligence implies:

Financial Due Diligence (evaluation of the current financial condition and future cash flows based on accounting and management accounting data, market expertise)
Operational Due Diligence (assessment of the company's internal business processes)
Tax Due Diligence (analysis of the impact of tax assets and liabilities on an investment entity)
Legal Due Diligence (verification and analysis of corporate and legal risks of an investment entity and a set of proposed transactions)
Technological Due Diligence (determination of compliance of the applied technological solution with market standards, regulatory requirements, and economic feasibility)
Marketing Due Diligence (analysis of product / solution demand and sales markets)

A full list of reports included in a specific Due Diligence package must be agreed with the customer at the scope of work stage.