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Preparing a business for sale

In its work, ASER Capital highlights the most important stage of the pre-sale preparation of a business – the creation of a sale strategy. The strategy for selling a business is influenced by the motivation and reason for selling the business by the owner, the time period, the state of the industry, and the financial condition of the company.

Per the developed business sale strategy, we highlight the following forms of its implementation:

  1. Sale of an enterprise as a property portfolio
  2. Sale of 100% stake / shares of the company
  3. Reorganization in the form of separation or division with a subsequent sale
  4. Sale of assets
  5. Trust (transfer of a business to 3-rd party management)
  6. Liquidation or bankruptcy
  7. Relocation (change of jurisdiction or markets of economic activity)

The entire further set of proposed measures is intended to maximize the company value at the time of sale. ASER Capital will provide a roadmap of events and performance targets for the preparatory activities and will facilitate support for this process in the following areas:

  • Increasing the economic efficiency of business
  • Building a corporate governance system
  • Organization and regulation of business processes
  • Debt obligations restructuring
  • Diversification of risk dependency on suppliers and contractors, sales channels
  • Organization of a management accounting and reporting system
  • Formulation of development strategy

How the preparation is done?

We interview the owners and top management of the company to develop an audit program and final goals
Financial, legal, and business processes audit
Discussion of the conclusion on the results of the audit and the roadmap for the implementation of measures aimed at increasing the business value
Participation and periodic monitoring of activities to maximize business value